Victim(s), Age: 3 Unnamed persons

Location: Douala, Cameroon

Date of incident: August 31, 2007

Incident: Arrested

Reason for incident: Perceived to be gay

Perpetrator(s), Age:  

Related incidents:  

Additional information
  • From, Article 347 bis of Cameroon's Penal Code, amended in 1972, states "Homosexuality shall be punished by imprisonment of six months to five years and a fine of 20,000 to 200,000 francs (CFA) any person who has sex with a person of their sex."
    • According to online forums, bis (Article 347 bis) indicates, essentially, that this portion of Article 347 was added at some point after Articles 347 and 348 were already in the Penal Code
    • The United Nations human rights body, as well as other international organizations, calls upon Cameroon to repeal this section of their penal code, as it violates international law, and Cameroon's Constitution states that, when there is contradiction between Cameroon law and international law, international law will prevail

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