21 young men arrested in Nigeria for being in a 'gay cult'

May 17, 2015

Twenty-one young men under the age of 25 have been arrested in Nigeria for being in a ‘gay cult’.

The young men, who were caught with 122 condoms between them, were held in an Ibadan police station last week.

The arrest comes after Nigerian state governor Emmanuel Uduaghan said he would crack down on ‘gay cults’, saying ‘these are our young boys and men come to sleep with them’.

When police flooded the house, the officers accused them of holding an ‘initiation’ ceremony into their ‘evil’ group.

They had no formal charge against them, but relied on the presence of the condoms with no female present. They also claimed they received a tip saying the occupants of the room were gay.

SOURCE: www.gaystarnews.com/article/21-young-men-arrested-nigeria-being-gay-cult170515