Victim(s), Age: Disebo Gift Makau, 24

Location: Ventersdorp, South Africa
Ventersdorp, Suid-Afrika

Date of incident: August, 2014
Augustus, 2014

Incident: Murdered

Method: Strangled
"Corrective rape"

Reason for incident: Being lesbian

Perpetrator(s), Age: Stoffel Pule Motlhokwane

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Additional information
  • The victim's body was found on Friday, August 14, 2015. We don't have any information indicating how soon before it was found that she had been raped and murdered.
  • Motlhokwane was sentenced to life in prison for the rape, life in prison for the murder, and 15 years for robbery
  • Not only did this evil idiot rape Disebo, and then strangled her with wire, but then he put a running water hose down her throat
  • According to Wikipedia, "corrective rape happens when someone is raped because of their perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. The common intended consequence of the rape, as seen by the perpetrator, is to turn the person heterosexual, or to enforce conformity with gender stereotypes".
  • While we come across many more incidents where lesbians are victims of corrective rape, there have been instances where a man was the victim. However, those stories aren't reported by the victims as often, because police typically have the viewpoint of "a man can't be raped", so those victims don't feel they have any reason to report what happened.

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