Gay murder victim had it coming - advocate

July 25, 2002 10:48

Despite the angry protests of a Cape High Court judge, a Cape Town advocate announced in court that a gay Elsies River hairdresser was responsible for his own murder because he "liked being sodomised".

Advocate Sheriff Mohammed is appearing for a member of a group who sodomised and then killed Ivan Johannes in June 2001.

During his defence of Johannes Haas, 19, Mohammed referred to the dead man variously as a "moffie", a "bunny" and a "catamite", while his legal colleagues, journalists and people in the gallery cringed in their seats.

Mohammed was briefed by the Legal Aid Board to appear for Haas, who was convicted with Isaac Jonathan, 30, and Terence Gentle, 19, of murdering Johannes.

The hairdresser was stabbed and crushed to near-death after two cement blocks were repeatedly dropped on to his head and chest, then set alight.

All three convicted men were jailed for an effective 25 years by Judge Dennis Davis on Wednesday.

The murder had been very brutal and the attack had lasted for some time. "This night of darkness ended when Gentle set fire to Johannes while he was still alive."

Judge Davis found that there were substantial and compelling circumstances not to send the three men to prison for life, but that these circumstances did not warrant him imposing a sentence much less than life.

He sentenced all three men to 25 years' imprisonment for the murder and ordered that a sentence of three years for kidnapping run concurrently.

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