A lesbian was brutally murdered – now her friend is calling on South Africa to stand up for LGBT rights

December 8, 2017 20:41

In April 2017, Nthabiseng Mokanyane’s close childhood friend Nonkie Smous was raped and murdered because she was a lesbian.

Now Nthabiseng, 25, is calling for religious and government leaders to respond to escalating threats against the lesbian community in Kroonstad, South Africa.

After she was raped and murdered, Nonkie’s body was set on fire in a vacant field metres away from a local church.

The murderers, known to Nonkie’s friends and comrades are out on bail, and still very visible in the community.

SOURCE: www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/12/08/a-lesbian-was-brutally-murdered-now-her-friend-is-calling-on-south-africa-to-stand-up-for-lgbt-rights/