In Solidarity with Attacked Georgian LGBT Activists

May 26, 2016

Later on May 21, 2016, a member of an ultranationalist conservative group attacked three LGBT activists, including member of LGBT Georgia Beka Gabadadze and member of the Temida, Koba Bitsadze, in central Tbilisi. The man, who was visibly drunk, attempted to rally support and incite violence against the activists from passersby, even threatening to shoot them with a gun. Police arrived quickly at the scene and took the attacker and the activists into custody. Though Georgian law criminalizes discrimination and hate-motivated crimes, the attacker was fine 100 lari (about 50 US dollars) for his actions. He was quoted as citing religious objections for his actions. Meanwhile that same day, two men were attacked in Tbilisi after they were perceived to be gay. Two of the victims were seriously injured and taken to the hospital.