What now -if anything -in jail mess?

October 14, 1976

The county attorney's office has withdrawn its subpoenas for tapes, transcripts, notes and other material obtained in this newspaper's investigation of events leading up to the killing of a University of Arizona student in county jail. The subpoenas had been served on the Tucson Daily Citizen's editor, an assistant city editor and a reporter.

Although we are pleased to see this misguided exercise come to an end, we would have preferred a ruling by the judge, who had our motion to kill the subpoenas under advisement, rather than to win by default. The Citizen is confident that its position would have been upheld. Perhaps the county attorney came to the same conclusion. Or did he belatedly recognize the inconsistency of continuing to pursue material pertaining to an investigation which his office took great pains in a press conference Oct. 4 to label as not worth further pursuit?

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SOURCE: Tucson Daily Citizen