$450,000 awarded in teen's jail death; memorial planned

July 22, 1978

Nearly half a million dollars will buy many things.

Mrs. Miriam Simon of Joliet hopes it will bring some peace to the memory her youngest son, Paul, who was 18 when he was slain two years ago in an Arizona jail.

Mrs. Simon, a 55-year-old schoolteacher, said Friday she plans to donate a large portion of the money to establish a student tuition memorial for prelaw students at the University of Arizona, where Paul was enrolled before his death.

On Thursday, a jury in Tucson, Ariz., awarded damages of $450,000 to Mrs. Simon for the murder of her son in February, 1976, while he was being held on a charge of disorderly conduct in the Pima County Jail in Arizona.

Paul's cellmate, William Crouch, was accused in the death but later was declared innocent by reason of insanity. He was set free and is living in Texas on his family's farm.

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SOURCE: archives.chicagotribune.com/1978/07/22/page/3/article/450-000-awarded-in-teens-jail-death-memorial-planned