British suspect cleared in killing in Polk Gulch

May 19, 1995 04:00 PDT

A British ex-convict suspected of committing murders in four countries did not kill 25-year-old Tommy Wenger and dump his dismembered body in a Polk Gulch dumpster last year, police said.

John Martin Scripps, 35, who is imprisoned on murder charges in Singapore, was in a halfway house in England at the time Wenger was killed March 28, 1994 in The City, homicide Inspector Alex Fagan said Thursday.

The head and butchered body parts of Wenger, an ex-street hustler, were found in four bags in a dumpster along Myrtle Street, off Polk between Geary and O'Farrell streets.

About five hours before his body was found, Wenger had been seen in a Polk Street bar with a man who resembled Scripps.

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