Trans Woman Yosvani Muñoz Robaina Reportedly Stoned To Death As Country Prepares For Global Day Against Homophobia

May 13, 2015 13:01 EDT

Yosvani Muñoz Robaina, 24, a transsexual man, was reportedly stoned on April 26th by bigoted teens. That’s according to an article published on May 9th by 14 Y Medio, a blog run by Cuban dissident Yoani Sánchez. The article stirred a debate among readers, many of whom are Cuban expats or Latin Americans from other countries, as the region responds to an emerging LGBT rights movement. Then men who allegedly killed Robaina were “a group of young boys who had nothing better to do than hurt people that never messed with anyone,” according to Robaina’s mother, Muñoz Robaina. According to her, two minors and one adult have been detained by police in connection with the stoning, which she says killed Robaina from internal hemorrhaging.