Victim(s), Age: Michael Causer, 19

Location: Huyton, England

Date of incident: July 25, 2008

Incident: Murdered

Method: Beaten with a book

Reason for incident: Being gay

Perpetrator(s), Age: James O'Connor, 19
Gavin Alker, 19

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Additional information
  • This attack happened on Friday, July 25, and Michael died from his injuries on Saturday, August 2
  • This happened at the home of the grandmother of Michael Binsteed - From what we can gather from news reports, Michael Binsteed didn't have any part in this beating, but he was charged with lying about the details of the attack to the police
  • Another man, Christopher Douglas, was also charged with "perverting the course of justice".
  • O'Connor received a life sentence, with a minimum of 11 years before being eligible for parole
  • Alker was acquitted of all charges

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