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Kevin Clewer
Chicago, Illinois

  1. Incident Summary
  2. cbs2chicago.com/local/clewer.winters.cases.2.1571926.html
  3. Memorial website for Kevin
  4. March 26, 2014: www.windycitymediagroup

As of April 2, 2015, it appears that the Chicago police have made no headway, and have no suspects in Kevin's murder.

Kevin's mother and father worked tirelessly to try to get someone to come forward with knowledge of who did this. Sadly, Kevin's mother passed away about a year after his murder, and then his father passed away two weeks later.

If anyone has any information about this that could be of help to the police, please come forward, to give Kevin's remaining family the justice they deserve. His parents will not be able to see justice but with someone's help, maybe his brother and the rest of his family can.

If there is anything that you might know, think you know... something you know but have always been afraid to tell... anything, please go to the Memorial website link on the left side to contact the authorities. Some small piece of information you have might be what is needed to find the person who did this.