Murderous Male Hooker Faces Third Homicide Rap

January 21, 2000

A male prostitute already convicted of two murders of gay men is going to be charged with killing a third, authorities said today.

Willie Brown, 43, who is serving his second prison term for strangling a gay man, will be charged with killing another gay man, Eddie Matthews, who Brown solicited for sex and then allegedly killed last February, Wayne County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Robert Spada told today.

Brown's DNA matches evidence found on the body of the 37-year-old nursing home employee, who was strangled, Spada said.

Brown is serving a life sentence in state prison in Jackson for killing a 65-year-old Oakland County social worker, Harold McCormick, last May, Spada said. Brown was convicted of murdering McCormick in November.

He was paroled from prison in 1994 after serving 15 years for strangling another gay man, Kalvin Edwards of Detroit, in 1979.

Brown killed McCormick on May 7, 1999, exactly 20 years to the day after he had killed Edwards, according to an official with a local advocacy group.

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