Victim(s), Age: James Patrick Zappalorti, 44

Location: New York City, New York
Staten Island - Charleston

Date of incident: January 22, 1990

Incident: Murdered

Method: Stabbed

Reason for incident: Perceived to be gay

Perpetrator(s), Age: Phillip Sarlo, 26
Michael Taylor, 20

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Additional information
  • Sarlo
    • Fled to Florida and was not arrested until February 18, 1990
    • Sentenced to 18 years to life
    • He died in prison in 1997, age 33
  • Taylor
    • Arrested January 24, 1990
    • Sentenced to 23 years to life
    • November, 2012: Denied parole
      • Parole Board: "Your brutal, merciless and hate-filled actions against your unarmed and restrained victim because of his sexual orientation... clearly demonstrates the extreme danger you pose to society.
    • October, 2014: Denied parole
      • Parole Board: "Your release... is not compatible with the welfare of society, and therefore parole is denied."
    • October, 2016: Denied parole
      • Parole Board: "This panel remains concerned about your violent and senseless actions in causing the death of another person and your continued poor compliance with DOCCS rules. Accordingly, discretionary release at this time is not warranted."
      • He will be eligible for parole again in October of 2018

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