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Unnamed person
Sandy, Utah

  1. Incident Summary
  2. November 12, 2012: www.pinknews.co.uk

Although this may not necessarily have been an incident borne out of hate, it is included here for the following reason.

Pro athletes carry a celebrity status with a lot of people, young and old. There are people out there who might see this and believe that it's ok to do the same to someone because an athlete said it.

In many cases, words turn into actions. And on some level, if a person is capable of using a word like that "in the heat of the moment", we believe there is some underlying issue that person has. It indicates to us that the person using those words, essentially, believes it is a bad or negative thing to be gay.

People get upset. Things bother us. Sometimes we all feel out of control. We might use swear words that are inappropriate, at best. But most of us wouldn't think of looking at another person and using derogatory words to refer to someone's sexuality, skin color, a disability or anything else that could be viewed as a personal attack. That goes way too far past inappropriate.